Sokcho Coast Guard launches ‘Surf Rescue Team’

홍승환 기자 승인 2021.07.21 22:28 의견 0

[해경신문=홍승환 기자] The Sokcho Maritime Police Station (Chief Seung-gyu Park) held the launching ceremony of the surf rescue team consisting of 111 private marine rescue workers belonging to the Korea Maritime Rescue Association at Jukdo Beach in Yangyang-gun at 2 pm on July 21 to activate the public and private rapid rescue system for the first time in the country.

Sokcho Maritime Police Station has a good understanding of the characteristics of the nearby waters and launched the 'Surf Rescue Team' for the purpose of protecting the golden time of lifesaving through cooperation with a surfing business that has good access to the beach. Efforts were made to revitalize the private maritime structure, such as receiving support for goods and services.

This launch ceremony was held with the number of attendees drastically reduced due to the 4th pandemic of COVID-19 and reinforcement of quarantine measures. Starting with the declaration of the opening ceremony, the surf rescue and regional leaders appointment ceremony, flag transfer ceremony, surf rescue team oath ceremony, and public-private joint lifesaving demonstration proceeded in sequence.

An official from the Sokcho Maritime Police Station said, “The ‘Surf Rescue Team’ launched this time has great significance in expanding the public-private cooperative structure and participation of companies, and we will do our best to create a safe sea with prompt rescue in case of a coastal accident.”


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