Yeosu Coast Guard inspects the security site

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[해경신문=홍승환 기자] Yeosu Maritime Police Station Chief Ha Man-sik said on the 15th, “We have started on-site inspections of security in vulnerable areas within the jurisdiction to prevent marine safety accidents in preparation for the 14th typhoon ‘Chantu’ heading north and the Chuseok holidays.”

Ha Man-sik, chief of the Yeosu Coast Guard, conducted safety inspections of fishing vessels and facilities in preparation for the 14th typhoon 'Chantu' heading north, and focused on multi-use vessels and facilities in vulnerable coastal waters that are expected to be visited by many tourists in preparation for the Chuseok holiday. .

The Yeosu Coast Guard is strengthening ship safety accidents and patrols in vulnerable ports in preparation for a northward typhoon, and maintains a close cooperation system with related organizations in preparation for accidents and fires by focusing on ships in the port of refuge.

Meanwhile, during the Chuseok holiday, various on-site inspections, publicity and guidance activities, such as safety management of multi-use ships and crackdown on crimes against people's livelihood, are conducted, and through emergency response work, ship safety facilities and the implementation of Corona 19 quarantine rules are conducted mainly on multi-use ships and marinas. check

In particular, in order to strengthen the emergency response posture for maritime disasters, it plans to intensively deploy multi-use vessels using patrol vessels and strengthen preemptive maritime accident prevention activities in areas prone to accidents.

Ha Man-sik, head of the Yeosu Maritime Police Station, said, “We ask marine workers to be extra careful so that there is no damage to facilities in the northward typhoon. said.


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