Taean Coast Guard to hold a meeting with private interpreters in the second half of the year

홍승환 기자 승인 2021.10.13 00:58 의견 0

[해경신문/홍승환 기자] The Taean Maritime Police Station (Chief Chang-hyeon Seong) announced on the afternoon of the 12th that the second half of the meeting was held in the small meeting room on the 2nd floor of the government building for the private-appointed interpreters of the police investigation.

The meeting was attended by 6 privately appointed interpreters by language (2 Chinese, 1 Malay, 1 Vietnamese, 1 Russian, and 1 Thai). According to the foreign police investigation, precautions for interpretation and specialized terminology education were conducted.

Seong Chang-hyeon, head of the Taean Coast Guard, said, “The hard work of veteran private interpreters is a great help for strengthening human rights and promptly and accurately conducting foreign affairs. I will do it,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Taean Maritime Police Station is currently supporting activities by forming a pool of 21 people by recruiting and commissioning private interpreters for each language, such as English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Mongolian, every year.


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